MediZip scrub sets are designed to provide unique and unparalleled safety features, with the use of patented "zipaway" technology, which allows scrubs to tear away from the body like an athlete about to enter the game with their teammates. Because these scrubs tear away from the body in seconds, and do not require removal by pulling them over the head or below the waist, they limit the users exposure to infectious diseases.


The antimicrobial scrub set is made with premium antimicrobial fabric, woven with silver ion technology, providing an additional layer of protection 


Fashion meets protection with these innovative and fashionable zip away scrubs!




  • 68% Polypropylene
  • 32% Polyester
  • Light Blue
  • Antimicrobial Woven Silver-Iron
  • Reusable Fabric
  • PFOA Chemical Free
  • Fabric CFM40
  • Machine Wash Permanent Press Cycle Warm
  • Colorsafe Bleach (If Desired)
  • Quick Dry Fabric
  • Hang Dry ONLY
  • Steam Iron (If Necessary)


Male Model is 5'11"/Wearing UNISEX SIZE MEDIUM

Female Model is 5'4"/ Wearing Size UNISEX EXTRA SMALL

  • Antimicrobial Light Bue Straight Cut Pant with Top
  • Meets AAMI Standars
  • Patened Zipaway Technology
  • Dual Side Jogger Pant Zippers
  • Single Front Zipper Top
  • Velcro Closures
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Double Low-Waist Pockets
  • Straight Cut Top
  • Straight Cut Jogger Pant
  • Made in the USA

MediZip Antimicrobial Straight Cut

Color: blue