Kids 12+ we recommend the Adult C-Mask. 


Reusable Antimicrobial Face Mask w/ Straw Hole


Self covering straw hole placed to allow you to drink while still helping to protect others. Drink responsibly. 


Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology - Our fabric partner’s patent pending technology is added to the yarn at the point of extrusion. This technology has been lab tested that it inhibits the growth of 99% of bacteria that made contact with the fabric. 


Bleach Cleanable - Cleaning in 100% bleach will not compromise color or fabric durability.


Machine Washable Permanent Press  - Stain resistant from the toughest stains. This technology is inert with the fiber and will not wash out over time. Polypropylene does not absorb water, minimum drying is needed before the garment is reused.


PFOA Chemical Free


Wired nose bridge for snugger fit. Elastic ear bands for comfort.



C-Mask (Drinking)

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