The "Bling" Edition of Our Reusable Antimicrobial Face Mask w/ Straw Hole.  Self covering straw hole placed to allow you to drink while still helping to protect others. Drink responsibly. 


Choose from 3 styles:
- Gold Middle Ribbon

- SOLD OUT: Silver Middle Ribbon; Available for Bulk orders of 10+ only. Email us to place an order.

- SOLD OUT: Scatter AB Cyrstals (one side of mask).  Available for Bulk orders of 10+ only.  Email us to place an order. 


Mask Description:
Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology - Our fabric partner’s patent pending technology is added to the yarn at the point of extrusion. This technology has been lab tested that it inhibits the growth of 99% of bacteria that made contact with the fabric. 


Hand Washed Recommended


Wired nose bridge for snugger fit.


Elastic ear bands for adjustable comfort.


Made in the USA


One Size Fits All - recommended for ages 12+



"Bling" C-Masks

  • 7 to 10 Business Days