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Fashion Meets Protection has officially partnered with SmilesShield, offering a fashionable plastic face shield that allows your smile to shine. 

The C-Shield is a multi-functional and transparent protective face cover designed to shield your face from droplets and dust.


- Made in the USA 

- Optimizes safety and style 

- One size fits all comfortably, including children starting at 3 years old

- Every shield is hand-made to order (takes up to 48 hours to make)


- Lightweight and optically clear

- Protection of eyes and mucous membranes of your face 

- Fits over eye glasses. Easy to wear 

- Comfortable eye/nose support 

- Avoid irritation of the skin and difficulty breathing 

- Reusable, easy to clean, helps keep from touching face

This fashionable and customizable face shield is a must have fashion statement! 

CECE - C-Shield.jpg
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